Over the Dandruff

Thoughts we often overlook

2. The Future

In November 2010, a year after introducing the Google Goggles app, Google launched the Google Goggles Experiment. This experiment was developed after Google noticed the increased use of the goggles app to search logos and advertisements. This brought up the question: “What if marketers could connect the consumers offline experience to an immersive online experience on their mobile device?”

Buick, Delta Air Lines, Diageo, Disney & T-mobile were the five brands that “Goggle-enabled” their outdoor advertising campaigns so that Goggle app users could access extra content by taking a picture of the advertisement. In the past month, French Connection, L’Oreal’s Garnier, Sony Music and Samsung became the first U.K. brands to try the Google Goggles marketing experiment.

If you don’t have a smartphone these days, you’re an outsider.

Smart phones are the connection between outdoor advertising campaigns and a brand’s identity. Brand thinkers are now closer than ever to their audience so it is vital that they build brand trust. The content does not “intrude” on its audience, it invites the user gets to dive into the content and discover more about a brand.

If the Goggles marketing trials become an advertising tool, it’s important that brands communicate how they positively impact the audience and society as a whole.

When a user “Goggles” your campaign, they are investing interest in your brand. This is the opportunity for brands to stretch out an idea, a mission and present it to an interested user.


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