Over the Dandruff

Thoughts we often overlook

7. The Mirror

There as been some undeserved outcry against the new diet drink Dr Pepper launched called Dr Pepper Ten. The brand has obviously tried to target men with the tag line, “It’s not for Women.” The Facebook page for Dr Pepper Ten blocks women and even has a list of the top 10 “Man’Ments.” People have become offended by these male-oriented sales tactics, some vowing to swear off Dr Pepper forever.

This isn’t the only campaign to be taking some heat recently.

Now Stop! Take a breath and realize that this is just an ad.

It’s not the products that are causing the outcry, they benefit, it’s the advertisers who can’t seem to break away from the idea that, “Men look at Women. Women watch themselves being looked at.”

This has been a reoccurring topic of debate in all forms of mass media. There has been a dominant male-gaze in everything from cinema to music, it’s a part of our social norms.

Advertisements are often a reflection of cultural norms within a society. That is not to say that advertising is, “A slave of popular culture and bears no responsibility when it comes to changing attitudes…”  Sure advertising has the power to effect real behavioral change, but if you’re not liking what you see blame society as a whole.

So if you don’t like what you see, go out and make a change.


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