Over the Dandruff

Thoughts we often overlook

8. Sweat the Small Stuff

Human nature is a funny thing. A life can be ruined in minutes or saved by a complete stranger.

Over the last few weeks in my Creative Strategist class we have discussed the importance of human values within a brand. These values must echo throughout personnel and be displayed at every touchpoint an audience has with a brand.

It’s a continuous process, a never ending story, that creates brand trust and brand loyalty. It’s also what separates good brands from great ones.

The small, not-so-random acts of kindness that humanized a brand create an unbreakable bond between a brand and it’s audience.

Just over a year ago Bill Taylor shared an amazing story about a simple act of kindness by Buick that made his father a lifelong Buick loyalist.

About three months later, a tear-jerking story of kindness went viral and brought a pleasant change of pace to an airline industry full of people with more important things to do.

So, what have we learned? Sweat the small stuff. This applies to both life and brands.

For brands, be kind. It’s harder than being clever, but do it. Be fully aware of what matters most to your customers, employees and communities that make your business possible. Unleash your humanity.

For life, be present in the moments that matter most. In the world of big, fast and now, take a second to enjoy the little things in life that make it worth living.

What we remember and treasure are the small gestures of compassion that bring humanity into the digitized world we live it.


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