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9. Near Field Communication

For the creative strategist project our group has decided to focus on Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC is a relatively new technology that figures to make a huge impact on Advertising; Razorfish named it as one of the five technologies that will change business.

Image recognition technology, such as Google Goggles or QR codes, and NFC compatibility have made Smartphones the ultimate tool to have intimate, one-on-one communication between a brand and it’s audience.

So, you might be wondering, “How does this work?”

For the image recognition technology a smartphone user simply needs to hold their Smartphone to a QR code or outdoor advertisement and they are connected to a page the brand has created for the user.

For NFC compatible Smartphones it is a little different. Waves on new smart posters have been hitting the streets across the world. These smart posters also have NFC chips in them, so when a smartphone user interacts with an advertisment they have the option to pull information about the brand directly to their smartphone.

This is huge folks.

Brands will no longer be pushing information to their audience. Instead the audience will pull information about a brand, giving the brand permission to communicate with the user at their convenience. There is no intrusion or interruption of life because the user decides if and when to dive into the brand.

The information that an audience can access via NFC can range from promotions to a mobile brand website that is easy to use for an audience on the move.

I can’t wait to do a big dig on Near Field Communication to see what has been done in this field and what the future of NFC and the Idea Industry may hold.

Let’s do this.


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