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10. Siri Thinks Different

Look out! The age of a personal assistant in your pocket is upon us.

While users of the iPhone 4S begin to discover the mind-boggling capablilities of the new Siri technology,  the search market is getting bombarded with questions about a shift of power.

Google, which is currently used in over 65% of all searches in the U.S., has become a staple in the search market and a household verb, “Google it,”  used when we desire more information.



To quote the great Bob Dylan, “The times they are a-changin’.”

Siri is improving the way we search for information by bringing humanity to the digital world. Instead of commanding your phone for what to do you state what you are looking for and technology takes over from there.

While some may dismiss Siri, the fact remains that the new technology poses a serious threat to Google. It’s not like Google has failed to look into voice-command search, it’s the fact that Apple was able to humanize Siri so that we communicate with, not command, our smart phones.

I know it sounds weird now, but give it a couple of weeks. When new iPhone 4S owners begin using Siri on a daily basis it will explode. Lord knows that the updates for Siri in the coming months will make the technology more precise.

While users enjoy a more convenient lifestyle, they won’t be wondering, “What search engine is my Siri using to get this information?” It won’t be from Google.

Think about all the times you’ve “Googled” football stats or lyrics to a song strictly to shut your buddy up. This will become a distant memory. Siri will take away searches from Google, which will result in a loss of revenue, simply because it is more convenient. The technology is right there and ready to roll, straight out of the box. Siri has made an already easy to use product even easier. All you have to do is say the word.

Apple, the ball is in your court.


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