Over the Dandruff

Thoughts we often overlook

13. Tick-Tock

“The Present ~ It’s the gift we give ourselves.” — Scott Thrift, inventor and creator of m ss ng p eces.

We are all victims of time. We are defined by it. 18 years of time and you can vote. 21 years of time and you can legally drink. Its omnipresence and invisibility make it the eighth wonder of the world.

Time escapes us. It didn’t used to. We used to have all the time in the world at our disposal. Now, we are at the disposal of time. How often do we use phrases like, “Wow, that week flew by,” and “I can’t believe it’s already November.” Time meshes everything into one big blob of confusion and chaos. Summer is Fall, which is Winter, which is Spring. The years fly off the shelves, but are never restocked; fading from our rearview mirrors.

We don’t remember the most enjoyable moments of life until they have pasted. We fail to live in the present because we are so concerned about the past and how that will shape the future. The clock is always moving; tick-tock.

The Present aims to tackle this issue head on. This innovative clock design has an emphasis on, well, the present. There are no numbers or dashes letting you know precisely what time it is. Colors indicate what season it is and the hand of the clock takes a full year to complete a single rotation.

Just as summer doesn’t change to fall in a day, you cannot see the clock hand move on a day-to-day basis. This forces us to be invested in and embrace the present instead if fighting time.

This KickStarter project has received over 300% of their $24,000 dollar goal to fund the project.

The idea of “living in the present” has taken off and is being celebrated across the globe. It’s focused on appreciating life right now, seeing opportunities that you may normally overlook and capitalizing on them.

Carpe all Diems and be present in the moments that matter most.


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