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Thoughts we often overlook

14. Branding a Better Life

The consumers have spoken. They’re fed up.

They’re tired of being smothered by brands that simply care amount making a quick buck. Most people are over brands and wouldn’t notice if half of them disappeared. They don’t care for them because, well, the brands don’t care about the people. And, let’s face it, the consumers are right (as always).

The time for a change has come. Brands must emphasize a focus on benefiting the consumer because The Brands That Will Survive Are The Brands That Make Life Better.

The emphasis on humanizing your brand has been trending for quite some time now; it’s nothing new. But people are stubborn and they don’t want to hear it.

Well hear this.

The Meaningful Brands survey, conducted by Umair Haque of Havas Media, spoke with 50,000 consumers around the globe and found that a mere 20% of the brands they interact with positively impact their lives. This is quite staggering considering that over half of those surveyed would reward companies that benefit their lives by shopping that their stores and are willing to pay a 10% premium.

So, what is this all telling you? Quit being so damn stubborn and humanize your brand.

Focus on impacting your audience’s life rather than tossing another few shekels in the piggy bank. Just be honest and transparent. Sure it sounds easy, but the execution has to be echoed from top management to the mailroom guy.

Consumers are smart. They realize that there is no reason to benefit a brand with their business if that brand doesn’t improve their life. Some brands may retort with a childish response like, “Well if the consumer won’t benefit us why should we benefit them?”

The answer is simple: Brands rely on people. People do not rely on brands.

This isn’t to say that people are incapable of brand loyalty, obviously they are (see video below). This means that for people to rely on brands, brands must impact their life for the better. Consumers know what they want; a human connection. Instead of being told why they should buy a given product, people want to be inspired by a given brand. Once the audience sees a brand using it’s super-human powers for good, they will buy into the brand and never forget how it changed their life for the better.




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