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18. Absolut Inspiration

“At the end of the day, it’s about people. It’s about putting people in the moment and giving them an experience.”

The vodka brand Absolut teamed up with TBWA/Chiat/Day to launch it’s Absolut Blank campaign. The integrated campaign launched in the UK in July 2011 and thrives on one big idea: The Blank Canvas.

The campaign started as an outlet for creativity by inviting artists to let loose on a blank canvas in the shape of the Absolut bottle.

Now, Absolut has decided to expand the creative movement to the everyday consumer. A free app, available only on iOS, allows users to capture their surrounding through the “Absolut Lens,” which includes the camera and microphone. After they are happy with their “Absolut Blank canvas,” users can upload their creation to the Absolut Blank App Gallery, where they are available to the masses.

Yet another addition to the campaign is Absolut Blank Live. This part of the campaign consists of events throughout London where participants select a favorite music track and dance in the Absolut Blank “pod.” The pod uses motion-tracking technology to create digital trails off of the participant’s sweet dance moves. The ten best video-portraits will be remixed together and shown at a final viewing party in December.

Absolut was able to create a campaign that engaged the consumer, was visually interesting and delivered the core brand message. Blank allows not only established creatives like artists to show off their talents, but also encourages their audience to inspire and be inspired through the Absolut Bank campaign. They allowed people to thrive in the moment, take in their surroundings and provide content. Absolut creates the experience of a creative and provides inspiration for the masses.


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