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20. The Universal Traveler

A few days ago I was stumbling around on Brain Pickings and came across a book titled The Universal Traveler. Originally published in 1971 by Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall, the book is, “essentially a blueprint to design thinking nearly four decades before design thinking was a buzzword.”

After reading a few reviews and looking at snapshots from the book, I was sold. I finally received my copy of Traveler yesterday and cracked it open. I wanted to share some of what I’ve seen so far:



A Creative Problem-Solver is . . .

. . . innovative and ever-renwing

. . . a dealer in options and decisions

. . . procedural and methodological

. . . a skilled habit-maker and habit-breaker

. . . a divergent-convergent thinker

. . . rhythmical, thoughtful and sensitive

. . . a fearless adventurer and a cautious planner

. . . both off-center and in-line

. . . non-normal; consciously different when necessary

. . . a thinking-feeling person

. . . a lovable jerk; one who subverts in an acceptable way

. . . accepting (open-minded, relaxed, brave, adaptable)

. . . analytic (curious, interested, fact-gatherer)

. . . definitive (conceptual, insightful, purposeful)

. . . idea-prone (free-wheeling, inventive)

. . . selective (decisive, assertive, discerning, assured)

. . . active (self-motivated, dedicated, constructive)

. . . evaluative (judgmental, objective, critical)

. . . an independent “both/and-either/or” person


In our Creative Strategist class this is exactly what we talk about. Creative Problem-Solvers have an universal occupation that is always keeping them busy and  ideas brewing.



"An excursion through the Process of Design is like taking a round-trip from San Francisco to Boston."

Here, essentially, is the creative process of the Universal Traveler.

As I read further into this book I plan to share some of the more knowledgeable mummers and thoughts that I stumble upon.

Onward we go.


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